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empower the writer within


Unlock your creative potential with Writing with Spirit: Empower the Writer Within. Over the course of our Weekend Intensive workshop, we'll explore each energy center from Root to Crown, dissolving blocks and resistance that stifle your creativity.


With a powerful blend of discussion, writing exercises, and reiki healing, you'll tap into your divine creative impulses and illuminate the ways resistance shows up in your creative life. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, this workshop will empower you with practical tools and spiritual practices to unleash your authentic voice and fulfill your writing dreams.

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day 1 |  grounding 

  • WELCOME  |  The Spiritual Nature of Writing

  • THE ROOT |  Fear and Resistance

  • THE SACRAL  |  Pleasure and Giving Birth (to your writing)

  • SOLAR PLEXUS | Self Expression and Tending our Gardens

  • Group Reiki

day 2 |  elevating

  • HEART | Forgiveness and Connection

  • THROAT | Self-Talk and Authenticity

  • THIRD EYE |  Connection to Intuition

  • CROWN |  Surrender and Flow

  • Group Reiki




10AM - 2PM PST




10AM - 2PM PST

Next Session TBD

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Course Curriculum
Green Leaves
Meditation in Forest
Empower the Writer Within
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Are you a spiritual writer seeking inspiration? A creative healer looking to unlock your true potential?


Writing with Spirit: Empower the Writer Within is designed for those who love the intersection of woo woo and creativity.


At the workshop, you'll rediscover the joy and magic of writing, even if you've been writing for years and have forgotten that feeling of inspired creation. Our workshop is for you if you're ready to invest time and energy to reconnect with your creativity and unlock your full potential as a writer.

During the workshop, you'll learn new skills and gain valuable insights to remove the blocks that have been holding you back. You'll feel empowered to confidently pursue your true creative impulses, and you'll rediscover your unique artistic voice.

Join us for this transformative experience and reconnect with your creativity on a deeper level.


Register now to take the first step towards unlocking your full potential as a writer.

This Workshop is NOT:

  • A place to learn about the fundamental rules of writing and formatting -- our goal is to let those go for a couple days to connect with what we want to say when we're not held to outside standards and pressure.

  • A place to produce pages -- our goal is to write in whatever form  may show up over the weekend, even if it's a break from our traditional genre. All writing is writing.

Tropical Flower
Watercolor Shape
Tropical Background


A transformative weekend intensive to help writers release fears and limiting beliefs and tap into their true creative potential. ​ For writers of all kinds and levels, we'll reflect inward and break open through writing exercises, journaling, and meditation.
Time is TBD
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Participant Feedback

"I loved every second. The course fuses two of my passions: writing and spirituality - and it encouraged me to conceive story in a different way, inspiring new tools to incorporate in my process. Highly recommend."


—  Eli, Film and TV Writer (Siren, Beyond)

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