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Episode 1 | A Kind of Heaven

I am joined by Christina Brinkley, powerful healer and Soul Journey guide, for a session around Self Love & Self Acceptance.


December 8, 2022

Join me with Christina Brinkley as we travel from the depths of the ocean and back through time to a lifetime devoted to chanting in caves to heal her relationship with Self Love and Self Acceptance. Hear how we remove the lens that limits her vision of heaven and all the beautiful wisdom shared from Christina's angels and guides.

Christina is a powerful healer in her own right, one that I trust with my healing. We have been spiritual running buddies for the past decade and it was a treat and an honor to have her as the first guest in the Meadow. I have done many healing containers with Christina and can't recommend her enough!


Christina is an intuitive guide that has studied various types of healing over the past 20 years. She has intuitively developed a healing process that best translates as a Soul Journey.

During a Soul Journey, Christina works with individuals to help release limiting beliefs, programs, and resistance that may be holding them back from living their best life.

Christina guides you to recalling your authentic self so that you can move easier in the world from a place of integrity and wholeness. With great success she has been able to help people through all different stages of life transitions. She works with individuals on everything from health, career, loss, relationships, and more. Her work is deeply transformative.

Pink Sugar


Christina Brinkley

Meet Christina Brinkley, the heart and soul behind Soul Journey with Christina. With over two decades of experience in the world of healing, she has crafted a healing experience known as the "Soul Journey." 

Christina's profound journey into energy work and self-healing is deeply rooted in her personal transformation. For 23 years, she battled the relentless cycle of trauma until she discovered the path of energy healing. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of her healing journey, a shift from mere survival to thriving. 

Today, Christina shares her wisdom and gifts with the world to support others through life's diverse challenges. She guides individuals in releasing limiting beliefs, outdated programs, and resistance, paving the way for them to embrace their authentic selves. 

Christina's presence in this episode is not only as a guest but also as a dear friend and spiritual companion. Our friendship blossomed over many hikes with deep conversations, that evolved in kundalini classes, and then hours of meditation, eventually taking us into the heart of energy work. We've even meditated for hours before sunrise on holidays, reveling in the magic of these practices. Christina's ability to manifest is awe-inspiring; I watched her secure dream jobs in a matter of days and find dream homes, including one for me in the same building.

Beyond her magical abilities, Christina's soul work has touched countless lives, including mine. Through her, I've shed layers of pain that I carried—perhaps for lifetimes. If you're looking for a guide to navigate life's transitions, to release what no longer serves you, and to embrace a life of authenticity, Christina Brinkley is a true beacon of light. 

Follow her on socials. Visit her website and explore her offerings. Dive into her transformative work, and let your soul journey begin. 🌟

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