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Episode 3 | A Kind of Ritual Release

I'm joined by Andrea Forcina, MFT, an EMDR Trained therapist and life coach with Wellness Within Therapy, for a session around Fertility


February 17, 2023

How to Harness the Power of Fire and Rebirth with Andrea Forcina, MFT

In this episode of A Kind of Meadow, Rhiannon is joined by Andrea Forcina, a therapist and life coach who specializes in EMDR. They travel to a snowy tundra to work with the part of Andrea frozen in time under the Northern Lights. They are called to work with the raging fire within her, moving it from her delicate heart space to her womb, where it can be used for creation. They learn about the power of letting the fire burn us to the ground so we can be reborn from the fertile ashes and create space for hope and possibility.

What Happens in the Session:

  • The Frozen Part of You: Hear how we discovered a part of Andrea that was frozen in time under the Northern Lights, and how we worked to thaw and integrate this part.

  • Harnessing the Power of Fire: We encountered an intense four-alarm fire in Andrea’s heart space, trapped by protective mechanisms. Hear how we directed it toward her womb space (her sacral chakra), where fire energy belongs.

  • Transforming Anger into Fertile Ground: We explored Andrea’s relationship with anger, which has roots in family dynamics and past experiences, and we discussed how to use rage as a powerful force to eliminate unhelpful thoughts, scenarios, and identities.

  • Entity Removal: a volatile volcano situated between the sacral and root. This volcano posed a threat with its explosive gas, generating feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

  • Ritual Release: Hear how Andrea created space for hope and possibilities by releasing old wounds from trauma, while honoring her grief through a ritual burial.

  • Healing from Past Traumas and Abuse: Addressing and processing past trauma and abuse can be a transformative journey. Andrea’s story emphasizes the significance of acknowledging and healing these wounds for personal growth and well-being.

I hope you enjoy this episode and find some insights and inspiration for your own healing journey. Thank you for listening and sharing your feedback. 🙏

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And don’t forget to check out Andrea’s amazing work at ⁠Wellness Within Therapy⁠, where she helps people heal from trauma and live their best lives.

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Andrea Forcina, MFT

Meet Andrea Forcina, LMFT, EMDR-trained therapist and Life Coach of Wellness Within Therapy

Andrea's life is a testament to resilience, transformation, and the boundless power of healing. From her early days as an actress and model to her career as a dedicated teacher, Andrea has worn many hats and lived numerous lives.

In this episode, she shares her captivating story of self-discovery and healing, from breaking free from an abusive relationship to embarking on a path of spiritual awakening. As an empath, intuitive, and clairsentient, Andrea discovered her spiritual gifts while working with underserved students, igniting her passion for guiding and mentoring others.

Andrea's journey took her through the realms of death psychology, shadow work, and the exploration of trauma. She's now an EMDR therapist, specializing in trauma work and mindfulness, serving primarily creative artists, high-performance achievers, and musicians. Her unique blend of therapeutic modalities empowers individuals to embrace their true selves and heal from within.

Join us as we delve deep into Andrea's life and learn from her profound experiences as both a healer and a survivor. Her wisdom and insight will leave you inspired to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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