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from a poetry workshop I attended through the New Earth Mystery School during the pandemic. I was guided with meditations and writing prompts to channel some poetry.

You can find my plays here.

An Exchange with My Heart

Dear Heart,

I feel you burst and float and beat and break.. You speak with so much passion and compassion. What is it you have to say for me today, dear Heart?

My child. My Self. My body. 

You move through the world with such strength and ease. This body gives me the space to break open and spill to the floor. This body gives me the space to jump and shout and whoop and holler in joy and passion. This body can be rigid at times making it hard to hear that I know I am safe. I just need to feel.

It is safe to soften. Think of me. A muscle-- a wet muscle, no less -- made of tissue filled with blood. Not solid rigid bone. In fact, if it was rigid we would be in trouble, girl. My strength lies in my softness and flexibility. My health lies in my openness, Dear One. My imperative lies in being a vessel of flow. My strength is in removing blocks. My power comes from my consistency and ability to show up as I am. A witness, a feeler, a healer, synchronized to the rhythm of life.

My energy connect with the energy of all life on this planet. My energy taps into all that IS across time, space, and dimensions. I am the seat of consciousness that carries your soul. My beat is the spark.

Queen of Sheeba - Wisdom

I will follow

her footprints

that have existed

long before me

Knowing I would make the journey

one day

one year

one moment in time

Time to her is nothing more

than a blink 

within a blink

within a blink


I will follow

her footprints

like a siren call

knowing she is 

with me

and also waiting

at the end of the road

with a mother's knowing hug

caressing the wounds

of the journey

for it is not fog.

I will follow

her footprints

left behind from

journeys past

through all of time.

Hardened in the dirt

as a memorial

to all the ancestors

following her call

for lifetimes 

before me.


I will follow

her siren call

knowing she is with me

and also waiting

with a mother's know embrace

knowing I would follow

one day

one year 

one moment of time

knowing time is a blink

within a blink

within a blink.


The wild woman of the forests

running with bare feet in the earth

knows of freedom from feeling

the breeze rush past her cheeks

She dances from her feet

allowing the rhythm to flow

through her

in complete surrender to

the voice of god.

She has no gown

nor training of any sorts.

She has no knowledge of where

her feet should go

But she listens with her

heart for his instructions

A marionette for the divine

wanting only the pulse of 

his presence.

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