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Embarking on a Journey of Healing and Self-Discovery Through Podcast

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Episode 0 Recap

Hello, beautiful souls!

Welcome to the magical world of A Kind of Meadow. We're beyond thrilled to invite you on this enchanting journey of healing, transformation, and self-discovery. Our inaugural episode, Episode 0, sets the stage for the awe-inspiring conversations and energy work sessions that await you.

In this episode, aptly titled "A Kind of Meadow" I, your host Rhiannon Vaughn, step into the spotlight to introduce myself, the podcast, and the incredible experiences we're about to share together. We delve into the heart of energy work, my process and vision for the podcast, and the unique perspective that each guest brings to our Meadow.

Journeying Beyond the Ordinary

A Kind of Meadow is more than just a podcast about healing; it's a sacred space where I guide our guests through energy work sessions that unlock hidden truths and facilitate profound transformations. I reveal the metaphysical dance that occurs as energies intertwine and healing takes place – a dance that transcends time and space, offering a glimpse into a realm beyond judgment and preconceptions.

It's often an exploration of shared experiences, where the guest brings their stories, and I hold space for growth. I'm not quite a guide in the process, but more like a witness to the guest’s journey of self-discovery and healing. Sometimes it’s as though we need a witness to acknowledge all that we’re holding before we can set the bags down, and through this process I invite all of you to leave behind the baggage that no longer serves you and step into the vast, open Meadow that awaits.

I created this podcast because I believe that in through witnessing another’s experience, we create space to witness that aspect within our selves. That alone is enough to begin the healing process, giving us permission to show up more wholly in self-love and acceptance.

Holding Space for Skepticism

In this episode, I candidly share my own skepticism as I play with magic and energy work. I discuss the moments of doubt, the curiosity, and the incredible value I've discovered even when not fully immersed in belief. Join me as I navigate the boundaries of belief and open the door to a world that holds surprises beyond the limits of skepticism.

Join the Meadow

If you've ever been curious about the mysteries of energy work, the healing process, and self-discovery, this episode is your invitation to join our Meadow. Experience the magic that unfolds as we traverse the landscapes of the mind, heart, and soul, leaving footprints of healing and transformation along the way.

Logo for A Kind of Meadow: Rhiannon sits in profile in a field of yellow flowers. Blue sky above as she wears a lavender dress, turquoise necklace, and brown hat.

Listen to Episode 0 on your favorite podcast platform, and embark on this journey with me. Let's explore the depths of our souls through the mirrors of our guests, and capitalize the power of our collective consciousness.

Stay tuned for more healing insights, transformative experiences, and empowering conversations in the episodes to come. Until then, keep shining your light!

With love and gratitude, Rhiannon Vaughn

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