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Reimagining Paradise

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Lesson's from a Mermaid's Journey

Inspired by Episode 2: A Certain Kind of Heaven with Christina Brinkley

In the depths of our desires, we often find ourselves mesmerized by the shimmering mirage of another's 'paradise,' where success, happiness, and fulfillment seem to effortlessly intertwine. Christina's journey this episode struck me profoundly—especially the parallels with The Little Mermaid. Just like Ariel, Christina yearned for her own fairytale life, captivated by the allure of Prince Eric's world. And who could blame her? He had a castle and a private chef and abundance while Ariel was collecting forks and calling it treasure.

Mermaid Christina sacrificed so much to make it to land. When Christina finally got her legs, she was disappointed to find Vanessa living her happily ever after. Except that it wasn’t Christina’s fairy tale; it’s what she decided a fairy tale was supposed to look like. Narrowing her vision of paradise, Christina veered toward disappointment, pain, and resentment.

I can resonate with this feeling. Why would I settle for anything less than heaven? Especially when I can see what comfort and bliss it offers its inhabitants! These days we’re inundated with offers of the Keys to Heaven. “I made it and so can you for 10 easy payments of $777!” I often feel confused and disappointed when I follow the path forged by another and end up at yet another dead end, with blisters on my feet. Christina’s healing offered a helpful perspective I wasn’t able to see before: all roads lead to paradise but only our own leads to peace.

Too often, we fixate on external ideals such as societal expectations of success, the curated images on social media, or the achievements of others, losing sight of our own unique journey. We start measuring our progress against someone else's yardstick, which can lead to feelings of inadequacy and frustration.

In a world saturated with inspirational stories and success narratives, it's easy to fall into the trap of trying to emulate someone else's journey to reach our own version of 'heaven.’ We see these stories as roadmaps to happiness and fulfillment, and while they can indeed offer valuable guidance, we must remember that they represent one path among countless others.


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It's akin to setting sail on a vast ocean and fixating on a single star as your guiding light.

That star may lead to a beautiful destination, but there are countless other stars shining brightly in the night sky, each offering its unique course. By narrowing our focus solely on someone else's trajectory, we risk missing out on the diverse, enriching experiences that come from exploring our own path.

The detours, the stumbles, and even the moments of uncertainty are not errors but essential parts of our individual narratives. These experiences shape us, granting us the wisdom and resilience needed to navigate the uncharted waters of our own lives. So, while inspiration from others is a powerful force, let's always remember to keep our hearts open to the infinite possibilities that unfold when we trust our own unique journey.

Christina's story reminds us that our paradise seeks us out, but it can't find us if we tread another's path. So, let us be open to our unique journey, embracing our own magic and reclaiming our fairy tale. In doing so, we invite our own heaven to meet us where we truly are.


Has someone else's 'paradise' ever led you to disappointment?

  • Yes, more than once

  • Maybe, it's hard to say

  • No, I forge my own path


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