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Ripped Cardboard
Ripped Cardboard

Energy Work Offerings

current offerings to work together remotely

Experience deep transformation and alignment with Rhiannon Vaughn's Reiki and Energy Work offerings, including quick boosts for just $25 or multi-week transformational containers. Curious about the experience? Hear a full session on the podcast: A Kind of Meadow with Rhiannon Vaughn


Through holding space for your higher self to reveal subconscious beliefs, blocks, and trapped energy, Rhiannon specializes in releasing deeply embedded vows and commitments that no longer serve you, empowering you to become the person you're meant to be.


Book now to release your stories and step into your true potential.

What People Are Saying

“Wow Rhiannon. Such a great gift. I deeply appreciate your magic. Gonna soak it in and reply more another time. But beautiful!"

"Thank you for the healing! Yesterday and today I've started to feel a difference. It's hard to explain. It was really needed and great timing."

"Wow! That really resonated with me. Like all of it!"

"You got my voice back. Literally."

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