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Episode 2 | A Kind of Narnia

I am joined by actor/comedian/friend Jamison Scala for a session around going after what his dreams


December 23, 2022

How to Break Free from the Tyranny of Self-Consciousness with Jamison Scala

In this episode of A Kind of Meadow, Rhiannon is joined by Jamison Scala, beloved actor/comedian/personality and friend. They travel to a snowy Narnia through a magical wardrobe where they encounter the Ice Queen, an entity frozen with self-consciousness, and learn how to melt her frigid exterior and ultimately find grace.

What Happens in the Session:

  • The Mystical Wardrobe: Hear how Jamison entered a portal to another world and what he discovered there.

  • Entity Removal: The Ice Queen. We met the Ice Queen, a powerful being who ruled over Narnia with an iron fist. Hear how we challenged her authority and exposed her vulnerability.

  • The Court Jester: We encountered a playful identity donned by Jamison to deal with the tyranny of the Ice Queen. Hear how we released this defensive garb and learned to truly laugh at ourselves and our situations.

  • Moving from The Jester to The Hanged Man: We witnessed a tarot card come to life and reveal its meaning. Hear how we embraced the paradox of surrender and liberation.

  • The Beginner’s Mind: We were shown how to adopt a mindset of curiosity and openness through beginning again. Whether through a hobby or learning a new language, hear the importance of not knowing in connecting us with our infinite wisdom.

  • The Thawing of the Ice Queen: We helped the Ice Queen release her vows and heal her wounds. Hear how we witnessed her transformation and redemption.

  • The Keys to the Castle: We reached the final destination of our journey and discovered a hidden treasure. Hear what we found and what it meant for us.

I hope you enjoy this episode and find some inspiration and guidance for your own healing journey. Thank you for listening and sharing your feedback. 🙏

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Pink Sugar


Jamison Scala

Meet Jamison Scala, sunshine in human form and producer at Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM!

Jamison's journey is a story of resilience and boundless optimism. An actor/comedian/producer hailing from the vibrant streets of New Jersey, he embarked on a quest for his dreams that led him to the bright lights of Los Angeles. His path was paved with auditions, odd survival jobs, and countless "no's." Yet, Jamison's unwavering spirit kept him going, proving that dreams are worth chasing, even when they seem distant.

Jamison's infectious humor and brilliant smile have the power to light up any room. He's the kind of friend who can turn even the gloomiest day into a party with his sunny disposition. We've shared countless late-night dance parties in his living room, but it's in the broad daylight that I've come to appreciate his depth even more.

About seven years ago, Jamison gathered an accountability group, a weekly ritual of setting goals and diving deep into life's challenges. It wasn't just about accountability; it was about embracing  vulnerability, sharing our struggles, and supporting each other on this incredible journey called life. It was like group therapy for the artist's soul, and it was pure magic.

Catch him on Jeff Lewis Live on Sirius XM.

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