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Soulful Alignment Sessions

Align Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Ignite Your Genius and Unlock Your Highest Potential

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Embark on a Profound Healing Journey

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life than what meets the eye?

Welcome to a transformative experience that transcends the ordinary—a journey where your soul meets the cosmos, and healing becomes an art form. Our sessions are more than mere appointments; they are sacred encounters with your true essence.

The Sessions

In this package, you will receive two healing sessions that will take you on a profound journey of soul alignment. Each session will address your specific intention and help you overcome any challenges or blockages that may be holding you back from living your purpose and expressing your unique genius.


We will connect with your Higher Self, your Angels and Guides, and the cosmic forces that support your growth. We will travel through time and space to heal the root cause of your issue, whether it’s in this lifetime or another, in this dimension or another. You will experience a deep sense of clarity, direction, and transformation.


We will focus on your physical body and its energetic layers. We will use reiki and other modalities to clear any negative energy, balance your chakras, and activate your innate healing abilities. You will feel more grounded, energized, and aligned with your soul.

Are you ready to embark on this soulful adventure? 

Book your Soulful Alignment Series today & discover the power within you

Third Eye Hand

Unlock Clarity and Focus
Get Your Free Crown Clearing!

Want to try a session before investing in the series? Experience a 10-minute mini session to clear brain fog, release blockages, and align your Crown & Third Eye Chakras.

By subscribing you’ll receive the free Crown Clearing session within 48 hours, along with a recording of session notes. We respect your privacy. Your information will never be shared.

Thanks for subscribing! You'll receive a confirmation at the email provided shortly.

How the sessions will flow & what to expect

Set your intention when you book your Session.

This will set the stage for the healing and bring all that's related with your question or intention to the surface. If the topic is particularly heavy (and we don't move away from dark or heavy here!), we may be called to open an "Overnight Container" that gives your space to move energies in your sleep the night before. I will always let you know ahead of time when this is the case.

If you don't have a particular topic in mind, we'll just go for your highest good!

Please Note: These healings will often reveal what's between you and your intention so you may intend to do an Abundance Healing and it could end up being about Belonging. We are going to go right for the root, so don't worry about having to get too hung up on the wording of the intention. Your Soul will guide the way!

Before our appointment, I will enter a healing container with your Higher Self. 

From there we will engage multiple energy work modalities to provide deep healing that begins in the body and may lead through portals across time and space. I will primarily act as a witness, holding space for your higher self to lead the healing, engaging the support of Angels and Guides as needed. Each session is dynamic and unique to each individual.

During our appointment, we will dive into what was revealed in the healing container.

We'll discuss and you'll be able to ask questions or go deeper into an aspect of the healing. Sessions are often rich in imagery and metaphor which I love because metaphor allows the healing to move around resistance and speak directly to your subconscious. I often find that our guides and Higher Selves love to speak in stories that speak directly to you using your frame of reference through mine, creating space for your own revelation and catharsis as you process the experience.  

You have the option to meet via Zoom / in-person (if you're in Atlanta) or to receive the session notes as a recording you can use as a Guided Meditation. You are welcome to connect with me via text or email with any questions if you'd like to go deeper but may not have the space to sit down for an hour.

We will schedule the next session for two weeks later and start from the top again!

What People Are Saying

"You got my voice back. Literally."

“Wow Rhiannon. Such a great gift. I deeply appreciate your magic. Gonna soak it in and reply more another time. But beautiful!"

"Thank you for the healing! Yesterday and today I've started to feel a difference. It's hard to explain. It was really needed and great timing."

"Wow! That really resonated with me. Like all of it!"

The Milky Way

The Investment


for 2 healing sessions


New Year Alignment Session

As a heartfelt thank you for choosing the Soulful Alignment Series, I’m delighted to offer you an exclusive bonus of a New Year Session


Release 2023 and Align with a Magical 2024

Let go of any lingering energies, challenges, or emotional baggage from the past year. We’ll create sacred space to honor your journey and bid farewell to what no longer serves youTogether, we’ll set intentions, visualize your desired outcomes, and infuse your energy field with the vibrational blueprint for an extraordinary year ahead. This session is like planting seeds in fertile cosmic soil.

Limited-Time Opportunity

This bonus is available for a limited time—until 11/11. Don’t miss out on this powerful opportunity to step into 2024 with clarity, purpose, and cosmic alignment.

Seize this moment to create magic in your life. Book now and embrace the journey! 



What kind of energy work is done in the healing container?

I am initiated in Holy Fire Reiki, Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing, and Herbalism as well as a modality gifted by my guides. I rely on intuition, guidance from your Higher Self, and our Angels and Guides to lead the process. Depending on what’s called for in the session we may work with: oracle cards, past life healings, entity removals, program removal, inner child healing, soul retrieval, death rituals, rebirth rituals and more.


I will work from Crown to Root and often start in the body and then move through Time & Space via portals that may open up as we journey through the energy centers.


All sessions include basic energetic hygiene including:

  • Chakra balancing

  • Cord-cutting

  • Finding and Repairing Energy Leaks

  • Releasing Inauthentic Energies, Limiting Beliefs, Programs, & Vows

  • Processing Karma & Updating Contracts

  • Working with the Akashic Records

  • Calling Back your Authentic Power & giving others an energetic heads-up about your updated energy

  • Grounding and Plugging into Source

  • A protective bubble of reiki energy to create space for integration over seven days

What do you mean by imagery & metaphors?

The themes of the healing often show up in story format. It’s pretty custom to you but using my frame of reference. Sometimes I’ll be called to share a story or bring up a scene in a movie that speaks to a block or belief we encounter. Sometimes you’ll show up as a Mermaid or a Pharoah, and really what’s being asked is what do you associate with those images? What do they symbolize?

Some images are more standard across all healings. For example, I often see each energy center as a specific visual that represents an element. The Third Eye is often depicted as a Rainbow Road of Time, and we may be called to repair some potholes or remove debris or obstacles from the path.


The Heart Space is always depicted as a lush tropical garden and we may be called to nurture the space and make sure the plants are not over/under watered.


You can hear an example of a healing on my podcast: A Kind of Meadow with Rhiannon Vaughn.

Please note: all sessions are confidential and would never be shared. All guests on the podcast have consented to a session for the purpose of the podcast.

What if I don't have time for a session?

I’m a mom of two young children and I completely understand how finding the space for a healing can feel hard in the demands of our modern lives. I’ve got you! I can record the Session Notes as an audio file that will be delivered on the day of your appointment so you can listen in your own time. You can even listen at 1.5x to get through it faster!

This is the way I’ve had to conduct most of my own healings for the last 4 years until my children started school. I appreciate the flexibility of listening as I drive or go for a walk. The recording is yours to work with and I think you’ll find that you can really tune into your intuitive response to the information when I’m not present to answer the questions.


But – I’m just a ping away so don’t hesitate to reach out if you do have questions!

Why TWO Sessions?

A single session offers a lot of information and release and can often feel complete; however, I've found that adding the layer of a reiki healing a couple weeks after that first session has had some time to settle creates some really powerful embodiment of the new, aligned vision. A second session also creates space to check-in and address anything that may show up in the two weeks of integration, offering you additional guidance and support if you need it.

Ultimately, 2 sessions feels like a solid way to offer deep healing in the cosmic realms and then create space for all that beautiful work to integrate and show up in your daily life more quickly, consciously, and from an embodied place of power.

**If you are looking for a more a la carte option, click the chat button in the corner or browse the full menu here.

Are you ready to align with your highest potential?

Book your Soulful Alignment Series today and unlock the transformative power within you.

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