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Episode 4 | A Kind of F the Patriarchy

I am joined by Kristin Slink, Founder & CEO of TechAF.


August 4, 2023

This week in the Meadow I'm joined by Kristin Slink, founder and CEO of TechAF. We talk about rage and the patriarchy and through exploring that rage we go on an adventure that begins in Space and takes Kristin through a rebirth that feels just not quite right. But it is in that discomfort where we find the truth behind a Tribunal weighing Kristin down, and once they are released she can find peace exactly where she belongs.

This episode is brought to you by myPANDA, where their mission is to make it easier for women to make their impact on the world. Use coupon code MEADOW for 15% off your first request.

Pink Sugar


Kristin Slink

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