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Episode 4 | A Kind of F the Patriarchy

I am joined by Kristin Slink, Founder & CEO of TechAF, for a session around her rage with the Patriarchy.


August 4, 2023

How to Release Rage and Find Your True Belonging with Kristin Slink

In this episode of A Kind of Meadow, Rhiannon is joined by Kristin Slink, founder and CEO of ⁠TechAF⁠. They talk about rage and the patriarchy and how they reveal a deeper source of pain rooted in our sense of belonging. Through exploring that rage, they go on an adventure that begins in Space and takes Kristin through a rebirth that feels just not quite right. But it is in that discomfort where they find the truth behind a Tribunal weighing Kristin down, and once they are released she can find peace exactly where she belongs.

What Happens in the Session:

  • An Overnight Container where Kristin challenges herself with a deep ocean dive followed immediately by a space walk, testing her ability to compress and expand from pressure.

  • Womb of Mother Earth Healing and Rebirth (in the “wrong” place!)

  • Little Kristin being "Thrown to the Wolves"

  • A fiery rage that can’t move through the body and gets stuck outside. We discuss moving the energy of emotions and the beliefs that may keep them from being proecessed.

  • Entity Removal: The Tribunal

  • Past Life Healing: A Sailor who belonged on the Ocean anchored into the Tribunal that sentenced him to death.

  • Accepting the Firestarter - learning to dance with fire

  • Abundance through Belonging - you never have to ask permission when it’s already yours.

Book Recommendation from the episode:

  • You Belong: A Call for Connection by Sebene Selassie

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And don’t forget to check out Kristin’s amazing work at ⁠TechAF⁠, where she empowers women to make their impact on the world.

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Pink Sugar


Kristin Slink

 Meet Kristin Slink, CEO and Founder of TechAF

Hailing from rural Connecticut, Kristin's journey is a testament to relentless determination and courage. She defied the odds by launching and successfully selling startups, all without an MBA or tech background. 

With grit and vision, Kristin raised an astounding $55 million in funding. But her story isn't just about financial triumph; it's a tale of empowerment. Kristin's TechAF Founder Academy is her platform to shatter glass ceilings, diversify tech, and redefine success for founders and investors alike. 

Beyond her entrepreneurial feats, Kristin's relationship with money runs deep. From her student loan struggles to her corporate foray and subsequent venture into online lending, she's faced the complexities of finance head-on.  

But her journey isn't all about business; it's about challenging the patriarchy's stranglehold on the tech industry. She exposes the bias, the inequalities, and the uphill battles faced by women and people of color. Her anger fuels her mission to level the playing field. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation as Kristin shares her story, the tangled web of money and power, and the transformative potential of harnessing anger for change.

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