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Episode 5 | A Kind of Death

I am joined by Tamara Lucas, Founder & CEO of My Panda, for a healing around Money


December 8, 2023

How to Let Go of Survival and Surrender to the Abundant Flow of the Universe

In this episode of A Kind of Meadow, Rhiannon is joined by Tamara Lucas, founder and CEO of myPANDA. They talk about money and the drive to survive and how letting down their guards reveals a deeper source of wisdom rooted in our connection to the universe. Through facing that fear of fragility, they go on an adventure that begins in the void and takes Tamara through a journey of compression and expansion, from stardust to a shooting star. When she finally surrenders to the earth, Tamara discovers that she’s not being buried but planted, and she’s bursting to bloom.

What Happens in the Session:

  • Turning on the faucet where we discover a fear of drowning in abundance, but a protective bubble means always keeping that flow at arm’s length

  • A pristine brain proudly on display in a museum like The Met

  • Entity Removal: A bird / Homer Simpson-type manning the control board of a nuclear facility who keeps ringing the alarm and activating Tamara’s nervous system.

  • Turning to Ash that gets blown into the void, becoming stardust in a massive nebula

  • A visit from a beloved ancestor

  • A lesson on scale from the Universe that broke Rhiannon’s brain as Tamara became a shooting star and hurled down to earth.

  • Surrendering to death, only to find Tamara’s true essence as a sunflower

  • Lessons from a Sunflower, who gives us a masterclass on Receiving

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And don’t forget to check out Tamara’s amazing work at My Panda, where she empowers community care.

Thank you for listening and see you next time in the Meadow!

Pink Sugar


Tamara Lucas

Meet Tamara Lucas,Founder My Panda

Born and raised in Atlanta, Tamara's journey is a radiant fusion of her altruistic spirit and entrepreneurial flair. Melding her social work roots with an innovative mindset, she birthed My Panda—a platform seamlessly linking those in need of support with the compassionate souls ready to provide it. 🐼

With a touch of empathy and a dash of ingenuity, Tamara crafted a solution addressing the universal challenge of juggling life's myriad responsibilities. My Panda empowers individuals to delegate tasks, fostering a less stressful and more fulfilling life. 

Tamara envisions My Panda as more than a business; it's a movement. She dreams of a world where neighbors support one another, communities thrive, and work is a flexible, enjoyable endeavor. 

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Tamara's heart beats for community. Engaged in various programs supporting small businesses and exploring the wonders of Atlanta, she's deeply immersed in her city's vibrant spirit, where I was lucky enough to meet her.

Yet, her journey extends beyond the realms of work, weaving a tale of balance, joy, and purpose. Join us for a heartwarming conversation where Tamara shares insights on navigating single motherhood, coping with the pandemic's impact on mental health, and the transformative power of gratitude and optimism. 

Join us for an inspiring conversation where Tamara opens up about her journey with money, caught on the hamster wheel of eeking out just enough. 

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