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Episode 7 | A Kind of Reverence

I am joined by Ashley Aarti Beck, yoga instructor and co-founder of TechAF, for a healing around Connecting to her Guides.


How to Connect with Your Guides and Embrace Celestial Wisdom

In this episode of A Kind of Meadow, join us as we dive deep into the ethereal realms with guest Ashley Aarti Beck, a conduit of spiritual wisdom and guidance and co-founder of TechAF Founder Academy ( . Discover the transformative power of connecting to your guides as Ashley embarks on a healing journey to forge a deeper bond with her celestial mentors. In this episode we find ourselves surrounded by cat energy to connect with some Lyran starseed roots, and unlock the telepathic inner child who wants to be revered. We discuss memorializing ourselves, disconnecting from the crushing weight of gravity and letting ourselves go into space, the key of Trust to unlock connection, moving like smoke instead of a mudslide, and how our blessings and guides can't find us if we're out looking for someone else. Chapters: 00:03:15 Meet Ashley Aarti Beck 00:04:43 The Healing Journey Begins 00:51:40 Interview with Ashley Resources from the Episode: • The Wealth Embodiment Flow (

• Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide (

• Abraham Hicks ( Thank you for joining us on this celestial voyage, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the Meadow in our next encounter! Want to book a healing session? Head to (

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Ashley Aarti Beck

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