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Presented by Rhiannon Vaughn,
Playwright & Energy Worker

Rhiannon Ciara Vaughn's plays include Gifted*, The Age of the Guru is Dead, and "Wine Night," a finalist at the KCACTF. Her play "A Lovely Day Outside" was named a "Top 5 Play" at Living on the Edge Festival. Rhiannon was a finalist for the 2019 Kennedy Center/NNPN MFA Workshop. 

Rhiannon is a Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner and R.A.A.H certified  healer. She has spent the pandemic honing her her craft and reconnecting with the Earth and Elements through the Sacred Wild Herbalism Apprenticeship. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University.


With powerful Soul Work from
Christina Brinkley

Christina is a mother and wife living in Southern California. She has been studying various forms of energy work for the last 20yrs. In the past couple years her gifts have come online more intensely, requiring her to do the deep work it takes to hold space for the collective.


She discovered her soul journey abilities on her own but have refined them working with other healers. As she expands her gifts, she has been guided to help others open up their gifts as well.

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Female Bust

In this webinar we will cover

Join Me & Christina Brinkley for 3 weeks of deep soul work as we examine and release Shame from our daily lives.

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We'll then use the wisdom we've gained to incorporate Shame into our storytelling through character development and decision-points.


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You'll begin with a 1-on-1 soul healing from Christina

GROUP CONTAINER CALL. We'll meet as a group to discuss Macro-level shame: societal programming & inherited/intergenerational shame.

OFF WEEK | Integration

Take a break to integrate or take the practice further with some recommended exercises.

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WEEK 2 | Personal Shame

MAY 23RD - 28TH


Start the week with Soul Work Session 2 with Christina.

GROUP CONTAINER CALL #2. We'll Meet as a group to discuss Micro-level shame: how it shows up in our daily lives and decisions.  

WEEK 1 | Big Shame

Nature Girl
Flower Girl

OFF WEEK | Integration

Take a break to integrate or take the practice further with some recommended exercises.

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WEEK 3 | Alchemizing Shame



You will have your final Soul Work session with Christina around healing & releasing shame.

GROUP CONTAINER CALL #3. We'll meet as a group to discuss storytelling tactics to consider and incorporate Shame to develop dynamic, multi-dimensional characters who move from shame to authenticity!  

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