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Introducing "A Kind of Meadow" Podcast

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A Journey of Healing and Transformation

A Kind of Meadow with Rhiannon Vaughn Logo - Rhiannon sits in profile in a meadow of yellow flowers wearing a lavender dress, turquoise necklace, and brown hat.  There is a gold frame around her.

Dear kindred spirits,

Today marks the birth of something truly magical and transformative – the birth of A Kind of Meadow, a podcast where healing journeys intertwine with profound conversations to create a space of empowerment, growth, and self-discovery. I am Rhiannon Vaughn, your guide on this enchanting journey, and I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome you to this sacred space.

Unveiling the Magic Within

A Kind of Meadow is not just a podcast; it's an invitation to embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of time, space, and consciousness. Here, we explore the realms of energy work and the power of our collective experiences. This podcast is a sanctuary for those seeking healing, transformation, and a deeper connection to themselves and the universe.

This podcast is an open window into my experiences, challenges, and revelations, as well as those of our incredible guests. In each episode, we dive deep into a real-life healing session with a guest where we discover any unconscious limiting beliefs or blocks in the way of what they want. My process uses a lot of imagery that tends to be highly metaphorical stories that come full circle. We may travel into the Ocean or a Volcano or deep into space as we witness the journey our guests need to find release.

I love how the healings often have overlapping themes because we are all humans experiencing this world, yet they will still be extremely specific to the unique lens of the guest. As we embark on these healing journeys together, our guests bring their unique stories, insights, and wisdom. This creates a vulnerable look behind the curtain and offers insightful revelations in the process.

Dancing with Energy and Consciousness Imagine a place where energies merge, where healing happens beyond the physical, and where we step into the timeless meadow of shared consciousness. This is the essence of *A Kind of Meadow*. Each episode invites you to witness the dance of energy as it weaves through our stories, our experiences, and our very beings. It's a journey of self-discovery, a space to release what no longer serves us, and an opportunity to transform into our highest selves.

Join Us in the Meadow I invite you to tune in to A Kind of Meadow on your favorite podcast platform. Join us as we explore the landscapes of the mind, heart, and soul. Be a part of this sacred meadow, where healing happens, transformations occur, and connections are forged across time and space.

Stay connected, dear friends. The journey has just begun, and the meadow is waiting to welcome you.

With love and gratitude, Rhiannon Vaughn


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