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Rituals for Release

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Unearthing the Healing Power of Symbolic Burials

Inspired by Episode 3: A Kind of Ritual Release with Andrea Forcina, LMFT

In the labyrinthine corridors of healing and self-discovery, there exists a portal where the ancient meets the modern, where the mystical dances with the pragmatic, and where profound transformation emerges from the depths of the Earth itself. This portal is not made of bricks and mortar, but of symbolism and ritual, and it connects us to the timeless wisdom of our ancestors and the boundless potential within ourselves.

In Episode 3: A Kind of Ritual Release with Andrea Forcina, LMFT, we ventured deep into the realms of healing after experiencing deep pain, loss, and longing. Guided by Andrea's intuitive prowess and therapeutic expertise, we embarked on a journey of profound release and rebirth, uncovering the buried emotions and dormant energies that that added a subtle layer of danger and volatility that got in the way of creating space for all potential life has to offer.

This episode illuminated the transformative power of ritual, reminding us that the act of burial is more than a physical interment; it is a sacred bridge between our material existence and the ethereal realms. And as we delved into this exploration, we couldn't help but draw parallels to the ancient practices of burial rituals, where the symbolism of returning to the Earth, rebirth, and protection have long been revered.


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A Kind of Ritual Release: Practices for Your Healing Practice

In the realm of witchcraft and various pagan traditions, a treasure trove of practices exists, offering symbolic burials as profound tools for release, transformation, and spellwork. These rituals are not only highly customizable but also deeply personal, allowing you to channel your intentions and needs with precision. Here, we delve into a realm of earthy magic, where the act of burying takes on a profound meaning.

If you're looking for ways to connect with the healing magic of earth energies whether it's to let things die or birth them to life, here are some rituals you can practice at home:

1. Burying Negative Energy: Banishing the Shadows

Sometimes, life casts shadows we'd rather not carry. Witchcraft provides a method to unburden ourselves through the symbolic act of burying. Whether it's a written description of a problem, a piece of string binding you to an unwanted situation, or an object heavy with negative energy, these can be buried deep within the Earth. This act is not just symbolic; it's cathartic. By entrusting the Earth to absorb these burdens, you symbolize your willingness to release them. Many practitioners choose to perform this during the waning moon, aligning with the moon's decreasing energy to emphasize the banishment.

2. Seed Spellwork: Cultivating Desires

Nature mirrors our deepest desires, and in the practice of seed spellwork, we find a profound connection to the cycle of growth and manifestation. Here, a seed or bulb becomes the vessel for our intentions. We charge it with our desires, symbolically planting them in the Earth. As the seed germinates and flourishes into a plant, it symbolizes the birth of our desires into reality. Similarly, we can craft biodegradable spell bags or sachets filled with herbs, crystals, or other symbolic items. Burying these creations ensures that our intentions are entrusted to the Earth's care. This act instills trust, allowing the Universe to deliver our desires without our constant obsession. By releasing our desires, we give them the freedom to manifest in their own time and way.

3. Rituals of Release: Setting Intentions Afire

Fire has long been associated with transformation and purification. In these rituals, the act of release takes on a fiery form. Write down a word or phrase symbolizing what you're ready to release, then set it ablaze. As the flames consume your written intention, visualize the burdens or emotions associated with it being transformed. Once the fire has done its work, gather the ashes and return them to the Earth. This final step symbolizes the healing touch of the Earth, a place where what was once heavy can be transformed into something fertile and new.

It's important to recognize that these practices may vary among different witchcraft traditions and individual practitioners. Before embarking on any ritual, thorough research is recommended. Understanding the specific symbolism, correspondences, and timing associated with your chosen practice is key to its success. For example, I have been told by my guides that the Full Moon is the best time for me to release my burdens as the moon is happy to help transmute for us. The New Moon is a beautiful time to plant new intentions because with the Moon out of the way we can better hear the whispers of the stars that which is longing for us.

Additionally, always show respect for the environment and adhere to local regulations when burying items in the Earth.

The act of burying is more than a simple ritual; it's a profound connection to the Earth's transformative power. These practices remind us that, just like the seeds we plant, our intentions can take root and grow into beautiful manifestations when nurtured with care and trust. Through the healing power of the Earth, we discover that release is not an end but a beginning, a transformation of what once weighed us down into fertile soil for new growth.

Which spiritual or philosophical perspective resonates with you the most regarding burial rituals?

  • Cyclical View of Life and Death

  • Emphasis on Rebirth and Renewal

  • Focus on Protection and Transition

  • Other (Share your response in the comments)


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