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Writing can be scary and it is so easy to find a million reasons not to pursue the very vulnerable and magical act. EMPOWER THE WRITER WITHIN is a two-day 8-hour workshop that helps give you the tools to release the blocks and follow that inner call. 

This Weekend Intensive uses a combination of REIKI, DISCUSSION, and WRITING EXERCISES we will move through each Energy Center to remove the fears and blocks that get in the way of expressing this truth.

empower the writer within

Writing with Spirit

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Writing with Spirit

Over the course of seven weeks we will create a Treatment and Outline for your play, pilot, or screenplay incorporating The Hero's Journey to tell stories that are bigger and deeper than us.


Each week includes: a LECTURE, REIKI HEALING, and NOTES on your work as we follow the chakras through our writing journey.

a 7-week journey

Coming in 2022


A Writing with Spirit Oracle Deck to aid your writing process or navigate your personal Hero Journey. 

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empower the writer within



day 1 |  grounding 

  • WELCOME  |  The Spiritual Nature of Writing

  • THE ROOT |  Fear and Resistance

  • THE SACRAL  |  Pleasure and Giving Birth (to your writing)

  • SOLAR PLEXUS | Self Expression and Tending our Gardens

  • Group Reiki

day 2 |  elevating

  • HEART | Forgiveness and Connection

  • THROAT | Self-Talk and Authenticity

  • THIRD EYE |  Connection to Intuition

  • CROWN |  Surrender and Flow

  • Group Reiki

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During our time together in WRITING WITH SPIRIT: EMPOWER THE WRITER WITHIN we will move through each energy center from Root to Crown removing blocks and resistance in order to open up to our creative, empowered selves. 

We will use a combination of DISCUSSION, WRITING EXERCISES, and REIKI HEALING in this Weekend Intensive workshop to connect with your divine creative impulses and shine light on the ways resistance reveals itself in your creative life. 

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